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By Gerald Lynch on at

As a kid, I used to make everything out of cardboard boxes -- bases for my action men, caves for monsters -- give me a cereal box and I'd give you a world. Showing similar cardboard-based ingenuity are the Cardboard Safari team, who've used it to make a retro TV-aping iPad stand.

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG is advertising its G3 phone to people visiting Riyadh International Airport in Saudi Arabia with a monstrosity that it calls the largest billboard ad ever made. In universal measurement terms, its about two football pitches long. Or around 20 whales.

By Kat Hannaford on at

As it's been a verylongtime since our last AMA, and as we have some big(gish) news concerning the site, do jump into the comments before 2:30pm today...

By Mof Gimmers on at

In today's dealzmodo you can snap up a Nexus 7, Samsung tablet and camera, Braun trimmer, and more.