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By Gerald Lynch on at

Online music videos might be about to get age ratings in the UK. Pubescent boys the world over will surely now be racing to download Nicki Minaj's video back catalogue.

By Kate Knibbs on at

They are really making a Tetris movie. Which is only slightly more ridiculous than a Battleship movie.

By Casey Chan on at

Batman may be infinitely cooler than Superman but let's not kid around here, a Batman vs Superman fight isn't even a contest.

By Attila Nagy on at

No, this isn't another golf ball from outer space. In fact, it's a simulated image of the interior of a supermassive star weighing 55,500 times more than our Sun. It shows the inner core in which helium is converted into oxygen, powering various fluid instabilities as it goes. Read much more about it here. [Image Credit: Ken Chen, UCSC]