By William Turton on at

Someone at Amazon is trying to tweet, and they want some feedback. Well, speaking as a Twitter expert, Amazon did not do this right. I don’t make the rules. Sorry, better luck next time. Amazon has since deleted this tweet.

Clones Age Normally, So Relax

By George Dvorsky on at

University of Nottingham research shows that 13 cloned sheep, four of which were genetic duplicates of the famous Dolly, have reached an advanced age in good health – despite Dolly's early demise.

By Casey Chan on at

Call of the Empire imagines a world where remnants of the defeated Empire are still waging war against the Rebels after the Battle of Endor. Read More >>

Blackberry Gives Up

By Michael Nunez on at

The dusty old smartphone pioneer is releasing its second Android phone, even after investors (and an uninterested public) urged CEO John Chen to ditch the handset business altogether.

By Ria Misra on at

Meet the Eye of Horus. It’s a newly discovered galaxy system that’s hiding something incredible in those fuzzy swirls of light circling it. Read More >>