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Feel Your Stomach Drop as This Snowmobile Launches Off a Cliff

This is what GoPros were invented to do: take you along for the ride as completely insane adrenaline junkies launch vehicles off of precipices. Like Brett Turcotte jumping off a cliff riding his snowmobile—and landing perfectly. Read More >>

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New Star Wars Movies Will Be Most Expensive Yet

Disney has released a new tidbit of information, with chairman Alex Horn letting slip in an interview that he expects each new Star Wars movie to cost around £120 million. That's a fair bit more than the original movie (about £25 mil in today's money), but less than some Disney productions. Read More >>

40 Per Cent of Brits Suffer 5Mbps Broadband; are You One of Them?

Despite the talk of fibre, cable and various superfast connections, the internet is still one big buffering lump of misery for many, with stats suggesting that 40 per cent of the population struggles to get a Speedtest result over the 5Mb mark. Is this your daily hell? Read More >>

Some Lucky People Can Already Use NFC Payments on the Tube

Looks like Transport for London is steaming ahead at full power with those NFC trials, as 5,000 contactless-payment-wielding customers are already participating in a pilot programme, with the full thing set to roll out later this year. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg's Toes Immortalised by Madame Tussauds

The San Francisco division of celebrity cloning company Madame Tussauds has revealed its latest creations, one of which is local internet celebrity Mark Zuckerberg. He's been recreated while sitting cross-legged, smiling, and barefoot. So someone had to painstakingly recreate his toes. Read More >>

The Cornish are to Become a "National Minority" a Bit Like the Welsh

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is going to Bodmin! That's in Cornwall. It has two car parks and at least two bakeries that do very nice pasties. Alexander will use his trip to announce national minority status for the Cornish people, ranking them alongside the Scots, Welsh and Irish as a separate Celtic group. Read More >>

FBI Informant Sabu Linked to International Cyberattacks

Remember Sabu, the Anonymous hacker turned FBI informant? According to the New York Times, he's been linked to a series of international cyber attacks—and the suggestion is that they may have been ordered by the Bureau. Read More >>

A Spotify Phone For £50 is Your "Makes Financial Sense, But..." Deal of the Day

Have you heard the way old people and indie guitarists complain about how Spotify is ruining music for everyone? That's reason enough to get a Spotify premium account right? Just to make losers cry while you dance around to playlists you've swiped from other people. Read More >>

Unravel the Mysteries of the Arduino With This Crash Course Starter Kit

If there's one common feature among all the cool hacks and DIY projects you'll find online these days, it's that they're usually made with an Arduino microcontroller of some sort. But if you lack the programming and electronics know-how to use an Arduino to bring your own creations to life, this simple starter kit will walk you through the basics. Read More >>

Sony FMP-X5 Media Player Streams 4K Netflix (So, Just House of Cards, Then)

Sony's latest angular black box is designed for owners of older Bravia TV sets who want to upgrade their home cinema bullet-points to feature 4K streaming, bringing an HEVC decoder to owners of the 2012 and 2013 KD-84X9005, KD-65X9005A and KD-55X9005A model TVs. Read More >>

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iOS 7.1 SDK Rummagers Discover Siri for Apple TV Hints

Apple's virtual helper might soon appear in additional types of hardware from the tech giant, with snippets of code found within the iOS 7.1 SDK suggesting that a version of Siri for Apple TV may be in the works. Read More >>

Watch Dogs: 'A Hacker is the Robin Hood of Today'

When you hear the term "hacker" what image does it conjure for you? A double-chinned hoody wearing computer nerd, surrounded by PCs and empty pizza boxes? Or perhaps Jonny Lee Miller on rollerblades? For Ubisoft Montreal, the makers of the forthcoming Watch Dogs, a hacker is a modern-day hero. Read More >>

This Large Hadron Collider Umbrella Keeps You Dry With Science

As CERN's Large Hadron Collider attempts to discover unknown particles that could unravel the mysteries of our universe, this LHC-themed umbrella will help you deal with more common particles as they fall from a raincloud. Read More >>

Meet the Woman Who Photographs the Oldest Living Things in The World

What's the oldest living thing you've ever seen? A 2,200-year-old sequoia in California, perhaps? That's a relatively teenage specimen to the artist Rachel Sussman, who has spent the last ten years looping the globe on a wild adventure to meet and document the world's oldest "continuously living" organisms. Read More >>

You'll Want to Play Forever in This Swirling Sea of Packing Peanuts

You might think it a nuisance when a few packing peanuts spill from a box out onto your living room floor. But when an entire hallway is filled with millions of the white nuggets and blown around in a cyclone of Styrofoam, you'll probably react a bit differently. Read More >>

Descend Into the Weird, Dark World of Unseen YouTube Videos

With 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, no one human being will ever be able to bear witness to even a fraction of YouTube's plentiful bounty. But now, thanks to Petit Tube, we can at least graze the surface of all the weird, wonderful, an often disturbing clips that might otherwise have never been seen by human eyes. Read More >>

These Nanoparticle Panels Will Bring Blue Skies Indoors

Skylights are so 1986. Now it doesn't matter if the weather outside is dark and dreary, or even if it's midnight, for that matter: Thanks to this LED panel which replicates cloudless skies, you'll feel like you're bathed in warm sunshine. Read More >>


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