ITV Pretends Game Footage is Actually a Real-Life IRA Shoot-Down

By Kat Hannaford on at

You've got to wonder whether ITV either made a simple slip-up ("oh shit, we accidentally put footage from a videogame called Arma II in our documentary!") or they thought no-one would notice ("eh, it's not like it's Call of Duty will know!")

Unfortunately for ITV, Arma II's developer Bohemia Interactive is onto them. Speaking to PC Gamer, their CEO Marek Spanel confirmed he has no freakin' clue why the gameplay appeared in a documentary about Colonel Gaddafi's relationship with the IRA.

Tactical-shooter Arma II was released back in 2009 on Windows, and while it received some criticism for its bugs, sales were fairly decent -- decent enough that eagle-eyed viewers of ITV's documentary noticed that their claim "no-one died in this attack" was rather spot-on...for once.  [PC Gamer via CVG]


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