Samsung Suggests Showing Off Your Tablet to Potential Thieves With a Bike Mount

By Gary Cutlack on at

Now, this is perhaps more of a PR stunt than an actual product, but Samsung and bike specialist 14 Bike Co will actually make you one of these if you happen to like the idea.

It's a "Tablet holder" for your bicycle, which Samsung suggests is the "ultimate Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory" to help carry your Galaxy Tab 10.1 between the known wi-fi hotspots you frequent. The tab holder, although looking like a cheap bit of plastic, is actually constructed from carbon fire, a tougher material which will take potential muggers several extra seconds to snap off once they've kicked you to the floor.

The only other feature Samsung can think of to highlight is that it makes your Tab "Accessible from the side". While you are riding a bicycle.

In this crime-ridden day and age, we'd suggest carrying all your expensive consumer electronics goods in a blue & white striped carrier bag, wrapped up in a copy of Metro. Yesterday's Metro, just to be extra safe. [14 Bike Co]