Defence Secretary Compromised Our National Security by Giving Ex-Flatmate Access to MoD

By Kat Hannaford on at

When will the holes stop unravelling in our government? This latest round of shocking news, thanks to a Guardian exclusive, purports that the UK's defence secretary Liam Fox let his friend access Ministry of Defence files 14 times, potentially for personal financial reasons.

It's no wonder people are baying for Fox's blood. His "close personal friend" and former flatmate Adam Werritty apparently posed as Fox's "official adviser" in order to access the files. Werritty, who is not employed by the government nor had security clearance, has been recorded as visiting the Ministry of Defence's Whitehall building 14 times in just 16 months.

Werritty has held down several different jobs over the years, but it's his turn as the director of Security Futures which is the most worrying. If he collected confidential information on our national security, he could've used it for his company's gain -- not to mention placed the information in the wrong hands, accidentally or maliciously.

The Guardian also revealed back in August that when Fox was the shadow health secretary MP, Werritty was leading a health consultancy company.

News of the relationship between Werritty and our defence secretary has come to light after a Freedom of Information request revealed the visits, with the Guardian quoting a former armed services minister by the name of Kevan Jones as claiming Werritty's visits to Whitehall could be a "threat to national security if he's been attending meetings when classified information has been discussed." While nothing has been confirmed yet by Fox or Werritty of access to confidential MoD files, it's likely they will be forced to come clean on their relationship. [The Guardian]

Image Credit: Roberto Tetsuo Okamura / Shutterstock