Early Christmas Shopping Tip: Dr. Kevorkian's Suicide Machine Is for Sale

By Sam Biddle on at

Whether or not you agreed with his values, Dr. Kevorkian's assisted suicide device is a historical artifact of sorts. Which is why the New York Institute of Technology is auctioning off his patient helping/killing gear. Honey, you shouldn't have!

Also among the morbid collection are "paintings he created with his own blood," Gothamist reports. But the Thanatron—the suicide machine—is clearly the real prize. An elaborate, homemade device, named after the Greek personification of death, the Thanatron administered a series of relaxants and poison that killed Kevorkian's patients. Who would want this thing in their home? I do not know. But it's a piece of medical, social, and scientific history—so stick it in a museum, please. [Gothamist]