Pure Launches Another UK Music Streaming Service, For £5 a Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

Expensive radio maker Pure is about to step into the hotly contested online streaming service world, with the launch of Pure Music -- which comes with access to 15m tracks for a £5 monthly fee.

Pure's service will work on everything attached to the internet, with PCs, Macs, smartphones (via updated Pure Lounge apps) and Pure's existing range of internet radios all able to connect and stream the huge selection of music.

Pure hasn't created the service itself, though, with existing streaming provider 7digital providing the backbone and catalogue of tunes. It also appears to offer less functionality than rival Spotify, with no support for offline caching, although it does include a tagging service with free track IDs and the ability to bookmark identified songs.

Pure Music will launch in December. [Pure Music via Techradar]