Your Gadget Addiction is Killing the Planet (and Driving Up Prices)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your latest smartphone, that massive TV with home cinema set up in the corner and your ginormous fridge -- yeah, they're eating too much electricity and spitting out too many carbons.

Our addiction to power hungry, always-on gadgets is apparently driving up our electricity prices and forcing us away from our 2020 carbon emission targets. So, while you're blasting out The Earth Song at max volume, or watching Snatch for the n'th time, your gear is sucking juice like anybody's business and that's bad for both us and the environment.

A report by the Energy Saving Trust says that unless we cool our jets on awesome, yet power-hungry tech, Britain is in real trouble with our carbon output.Yeah, I know, you're not going to stop buying the latest and greatest. So come on manufacturers -- now is the time to step up and make it all eco-friendly. Don't make us choose between that walk-in fridge and our beast of a 60-inch 3D TV; we want it all and we want it power-sipping. [Energy Saving Trust [PDF] via The Guardian]

Image credit: Losevsky Pavel / Shutterstock