As you know, Giz UK and its readers have been selected by O2 to help test their 4G network. For anyone doubting 4G’s awesome speeds, take a pew and watch our video, which shows Sam and I (plus O2’s Rob) pit a 4G dongle against a 3G dongle in various tests. We may not be as camera-ready as The Gadget Show‘s presenters, but please try and remember the 4G network is the true star of this show.


That means no comments about how Sam should’ve worn a bit of Suzi Perry-leather, mmkay?

If you missed news of our 4G trials with O2, check out our initial post to read how you could get insanely-fast internet speeds for the next three months (and free drinks. Did we mention the free drinks?), and if you’re still wanting to read up on 4G, we’ve published a bunch of features for you to chew over:

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