Groupon Banned From Running Nose Job Discount Deal

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mass retail ransacking site Groupon has got itself in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority, after the discount portal offered cheap nose jobs for those willing to take such drastic measures on a whim.

A clinic in Manchester advertised the bulk surgery discount, offering anything from nose jobs to boob enhancements in return for £1,999 -- a discount from the usual £5,000. Groupon said 85 people signed up for it in the end, but the required consultancy period before any procedures would take place caused 48 of those casual surgery fans to cancel their bookings.

Pointing out that the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons restricted the making of life-ruining decisions on a time-pressurised or "date-linked incentives" basis, the ASA ruled that Groupon should not do this sort of thing again and banned the ad. Although that's not really how Groupon works, so the ban's not really of any use. [Guardian]