Pure Launches the Highway 300Di For Your On-the-Road DAB Fix

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pure's unleashed another entry into the in-car after-market DAB add-on space with their new Highway 300Di. Featuring iPod control and charge, and a fancy OLED-equipped removable controller unit the 300Di adds DAB to your ride without drilling holes.

A small box is mounted in the glove-box or behind the dash and connects into your existing radio. The DAB box uses a fancy glass-mount ariel to give you access to the digital radio spectrum, while you control it from afar with the 300Di's display, which can be mounted anywhere and hidden when you leave the car -- don't want those pesky thieves smashing up your motor just to get the radio after all.

It's got dual tuners, a USB port, iPod playback, 30 favourite stations and can pause and rewind live radio. It's available exclusively from Halfords and will set you back £180. Not exactly stocking filler money here, but if you're into DAB radio and want it for drive-time, then the Highway 300Di is a damn-sight more attractive than a lot of other offerings.