Sony's 720P OLED Microdisplays Coming To a Micro Four Thirds Camera Near You

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It would make for the ultimate video watch, but Sony's targeted its new 0.7-inch ECX332A OLED microdisplay at micro four third cameras, providing a crisp, high res view of what's in frame through an electronic viewfinder.

The miniscule display manages to squeeze in a resolution 1280x720, perfect for photographers who've also come to rely on their cameras for high-def video work. And for the discerning videographer, it offers 97 percent color gamut, 0.01ms response time, 200 cd/m2 brightness and uses the same white OLED and color-filter technology as the smaller, 0.5-inch ECX331A display (pictured on the left) which is currently employed in their A77/A65 DSLRS and their NEX-7 and NEX-5N cameras. Certainly useful applications, but disappointing for all of us Dick Tracy wannabes. [OLED-Info via SlashGear]