This Deep-Frying Portable Grill Is a Jack of All Noms

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Like a swiss army knife for epicureans, the collapsible Blacktop 360 grill includes all the cooking surfaces you'll need to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. There's even an optional cutting board for something called veg-e-tables.

Surrounding a deep fryer with a 20 oz. capacity you'll find a griddle for frying up breakfast fare like pancakes and sausages, a warming plate to keep everything hot and juicy, and an infra red grill capable of searing steaks and burgers at temperatures up to 650 degrees. The legs fold away and it includes a carrying case so the whole thing is easy to transport. And it can be powered by one of those smaller camp-friendly propane tanks, or the big'un you've got tethered to your backyard BBQ.

It may make sense to you, after reading all of that, that the Blacktop 360 is only available in 'Merica. God bless those 'Mericans and their Briefcase Rotisserie. [Blacktop 360 via Uncrate]