This Rumoured Windows 8 Samsung Series 7 Could Be a Dream Machine

By Brian Barrett on at

As rumours go, it's a small one. But today's Bloomberg report that Samsung may be putting Windows 8 in its sleek and shiny Series 7 marks the first time in a long time I've gotten all jittery about a laptop not called MacBook Air.

The Series 7 may technically be business-focused, but it's a gorgeous rig at a not-insane price point. Windows 8 may not be out yet, but all reports point to its being as refreshing and innovative as Windows Phone has been. That, combined with the heavy shrug that OS X Lion arrived with, has me thinking that this little bitty rumor might grow into my next PC purchase.

Too early to say, of course, and even if it weren't we wouldn't see an actual Windows 8 Series 7 until the second half of next year. Still, I'm clearing out some space on my 2012 Christmas list just in case. [Bloomberg]