Watch These Crazy People Jumping Into the Darkest Pit of Hell

By Jesus Diaz on at

These guys are Polish. They are also freaking crazy for jumping into this dark hole in an abandoned gold mine in the Czech Republic, near the Polish border.

These nutters used 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) of rope to build a jumping contraption that would allow them to free fall just to stop a few feet above the bottom of this black pit. The jumps—they did 36—were 255-foot long (78 meter) and lasted only four seconds. The effect of the released adrenaline probably lasted a week.

They spent four days underground to explore and prepare for the jumps, spending ten hours in building the machine for the jump. According to one of the guys who jumped, it was an exhilarating experience:

"It was the most fantastic experience we have ever had. The feeling of being on the edge of this huge black hole is truly awesome and horrifying."

I can't even begin to imagine. I'm terrified about bungee jumping alone. I just can't imagine jumping into the nothingness of this hell pit 393 feet underground (120 meters), almost completely in the dark, surrounded by hard rock and demons. [YouTube and Picasa via Fogonazos (In Spanish) via A Welsh View]