Grab Yourself Three Months' Free OnLive Gaming With BT

By Sam Gibbs on at

Like an early Christmas present for the game-starved, you can grab three months' OnLive access for free if you're a BT Broadband customer. Sign up to OnLive before the 31st of January and you'll be gifted the free subscription with the magic words "zero commitment" appended, just in case it's utter pants.

BT's very generously not having it count against your monthly usage until the 2nd of January either. The package is worth £21 and you do get access to 100 "top" games though, so there's bound to be something worth playing for free. You can play it on a PC, Mac or tablet for free, or sink some capital into an OnLive Game System to hook up to your TV. You might even be able to cheekily pass it off as a last minute Christmas present to that special someone in your life. [BT]