O2 Offers Mobiles on 12 Month Lease Contracts

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's now a new way to give mobile phone networks your money, with O2 launching a 12 month leasing system with no upfront fees.

For £55 a month you get a "new 16GB smartphone" which would appear to be the iPhone 4S, plus 750 calling minutes, unlimited SMS messages, insurance, 500MB of mobile data, O2's International Traveller overseas discount scheme and some optional O2 Bolts Ons.

For a 12 month contract including insurance, it's not that bad a deal, especially if you're a serial upgrader. If you need a bigger phone there's a £65 monthly option that comes with the 32GB iPhone 4S.

The idea behind the lease is you don't technically own the phone. Once the 12 month arrangement is up you can give it back and have a new one, but if you damage it you'll be stuck with it or asked to pay.

And no, there aren't any Android phones on offer. Yet. [O2]

Image credit: Signing a contract from Shutterstock