Take a Journey Through Life with This Trippy Music Video

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The video to accompany The Maccabees' new single Pelican is a journey through life, which cuts through the centre of everything: from planet Earth, through TVs and burgers, to womens' legs. You need to watch it.

Directed by David Wilson in the UK, the video's supposed to represent the passing of time via an intruging journey through life. The secret to the cool views through the centre of the cooky items featured in the video is a borescopic lens. Measuring 76cm in length, but only about 5cm wide at the end, it allowed the team to really capture a sense of travelling through the items they chose to feature.

In fact, it's also well worth watching the "making of" video above, to learn more about how it was made. As a bonus, the songs pretty good, too. [The Maccabees and David Wilson]