Triggertrap Breaks Free of Kickstarter and Hits Production

By Sam Gibbs on at

We covered the Triggertrap when it was in its infancy as a budding Kickstarter project. Now the universal camera trigger is fully funded and in production. The device comes packing light, laser and sound sensors, as well as a timer, so you can use pretty much anything to set it off -- perfect for that millisecond capture you're struggling to make.

The Triggertrap is the brain-child of Ziah Fogel and Haje Jan Kamps, our very own photog expert, and features support for both infra-red and wired camera triggers. It's fast too, with a response time in the region of 1.6 milliseconds for light triggers. The open source and arduino powered system is hackable, if you're looking to trigger something other than a camera. There's even an auxiliary port so you really can tie it to, and trigger it with, almost anything -- even your car horn to capture the moronic motions of the mental underachiever who just cut you up.

They'll start shipping in early February next year and will set you back around £80 for the pre-built version and £50 for the build-it-yourself 'shield' kit. [Triggertrap]