Wikileaks Opens Up New Privacy and Espionage-Focused Section Called The Spyfiles

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're all screwed according to Julian Assange and now he's revealed a new subsection of Wikileaks to prove it. "The Spyfiles" will specifically deal with surveillance and privacy violations, releasing documents related to the global activities of cyber spooks and the technology used to intercept your most private of Facebook messages.

Assange said The Spyfiles were "more than just about 'good Western countries' exporting to 'bad developing world countries'."

"In traditional spy stories, intelligence agencies like MI5 bug the phone of one or two people of interest. In the last ten years systems for indiscriminate, mass surveillance have become the norm. Intelligence companies such as VASTech secretly sell equipment to permanently record the phone calls of entire nations."

Wikileaks is going to attempt to show the world who's profiteering from all this electronic cloak and dagger activity and open the eyes of the world -- or fuel the delusions of the paranoid. Perhaps we'll see Carrier IQ pop-up on there soon. [Wikileaks via TechRadar]