20 Things Happened Online Last Year, and Here's the Picture to Prove It

By Kat Hannaford on at

Just you try and get your olds to guess 20 internet things from last year. They might be able to take a stab in the dark and conjure up images of Rebecca Black harping on about Friday, but let's test your knowledge with Syzygy's annual sketch of the internet-nerd's calendar (see 2010's here.)

The latest sketch has been crafted by Peter Jaworowski, who is offering up a signed limited edition print if you tweet about the illustration using the hashtag #20things. Yes, it's a shameless PR ploy for the design and marketing group Syzygy, but I don't mind being used as a puppet when their dance is just so much fun.

And frustrating! I must admit, I'm kind of stumped with some of them. I can see the Anonymous masks; the LulzSec mascot; Google+ logo; Nyan Cat and maaaaybe Obama's turkeys, but probably have to hand in my Internet Nerd badge for not getting the rest. Can you do any better? [Syzygy]