An Unofficial Android Store Will Provide All The Apps Banned By Google

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Unlike getting hold of iOS apps, it's always been possible to trawl the web for software that doesn't appear in the Android Market. But that process is about to get even easier, because soon there will be an unofficial store for banned Android apps.

Koushik Dutta, a member of the team behind CyanogenMod and the creator of ClockworkMod, isĀ thinking about creating an app store that will be home to apps that have been banned from Google's official Android Market. That will include retro gaming emulators (but not ROMs); unofficial tethering apps; Visual Voicemail apps; one-click rooting apps, and, well, whatever else that's legal and Google says can't feature in their store.

This will, I'm sure, be of most interest to those who have already rooted their Android handset. There's no denying that having all that stuff in one place will be more useful than having to trawl the web. Those who haven't rooted their handset might still be able to make use of the store though, as there are plenty of normal apps that have to be banned from Google's store, especially if they violate a mobile operator's need to generate revenue from value-added services, like tethering.

I just wonder if it'll make it an easy target for being shutdown. One of the reasons that such a wide range of unofficial ROMs and apps continue to survive is that they're so broadly distributed that it's difficult to hunt them all down. Put them all in one place and that's no longer the case. [Koushik Dutta via TechCrunch]

Post has been modified since original publication.