Here's a Weirdo Facebook Bug to Waste Your Friday With

By Brent Rose on at

There's a strange bug on Facebook where if you post @[xxx:0] in a comment (with the XXX being three random numbers), when you hit enter a random name will appear. For example: @[345:0] = Karina Scalise. Weeeeiiiiirrrrrd!

It's currently being passed around Facebook as a "enter in the last three digits of your phone number and Facebook will tell you your phone's name!" kinda thing, which is, y'know, dumb. My friend Aaron who tipped me on this thinks it's more likely database coordinates of user accounts or Facebook employees. I did a little more tinkering with it and it seems that the final 0 can be any digit or letter and it still works. You can get other weird results with more messing around. One combination I tried resulted in "Nokia." Figure that one out.

As far as I can tell it's entirely useless, but what does it all mean!? Are these the secret coordinates to a North Korean sub? The recipe for Coca-Cola? The cheat-code for unlimited lives... in life? Geeks and conspiracy theorists, please go nuts in the comments. In the meantime, I've gotta go explain to my girlfriend why I'm posting other women's names in comments.

Thanks to Aaron Joseph for the tip!