McDonald's Massively Backfires and Shows Everyone How Not to Advertise On Twitter

By Sam Gibbs on at

Proving that social media can be a tricky beast to master, McDonald’s #McFailed. The midnight boozer’s Mecca attempted to highlight the good things about its often-criticised burger business. Of course Twitter users had other ideas and #McDStories seriously backfired.

Kicking off with the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers wasn’t exactly winning people over, but when Macky D’s switched to #McDStories, it only had to use it twice before Twitter ran away with it. Horror stories from getting fired; flipping skanky burgers; animal cruelty, and even customers chundering after biting into one of McDonald’s instant coronaries, were quickly racking up. If only McDonald’s had done a Snickers and turned to Katie Price for their social media assault – maybe then it'd even have appealed to its target audience too. There’s no such thing as bad press, right? #McFail. [PaidContent]

Image credit: McDonald's from Shutterstock