The Sun Has Never Looked So Beautiful as It Does In Radiant Blue

By Sam Gibbs on at

We all seem to still be alive and well after that solar flare and radiation storm the Earth was bombarded with earlier in the week. In fact it just seems to have created some of the most amazing aurora photos ever. But NASA’s latest sun video shows the awesome raw power of our star in an ethereal beauty like no other.

It's painted in a teal hue to show light in the 131 Angstron wavelength, as it makes it easier to see solar flares. That eruption looks pretty tame on the face of it, but what you have to remember is just how big the sun really is. It’s around 1,392,000km in diameter or around 109 times the size of Earth. So that little projection is massive, and beautiful, and a little scary if I’m honest.

Space never ceases to amaze me; I just wish we Brits had something akin to NASA showing off our British engineering and inventive might. Maybe one day, when we're free of debt. [NASA via SlashGear]