Thorpe Park Stunt Leaves Dummies Armless

By Sam Gibbs on at

Thorpe Park’s latest £20m ride, The Swarm, has apparently left test dummies “alarmingly damaged” after a trial run showed arms being chopped off by collisions with “extreme near miss points”.

Of course this reeks of a PR stunt, and Thorpe Park is certainly no stranger to the odd “Who you gonna call?” Still, the UK’s first “winged” roller coaster, and Europe's tallest, does look pretty awesome. Riders sit either side of the central runner, effectively dangling out there in the ether. We’ve had the exhilarating superman-style flying-type rides in the UK before, but The Swarm seems to be taking it up a notch -- riders will be dumped an impressive 40m in an inverted dive:

“We have been planning for The Swarm for almost two years now, and we've pushed the boundaries to the absolute limit because "extreme" is what our thrill-seeking customers demand,” said Mike Vallis, Thorpe Park’s director.

Vallis is confident that the ride is completely safe to hurl visitors around on its grand opening on March the 15th. Of course he is. At any rate, sign me up. I want to ride this beast; just let me go, like, second or third alright? You know, just in case. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty attached to my limbs. [Metro]

Image credit: Facebook