People scared to fly didn't like the video of the crazy crosswind landings at Düsseldorf. This one doesn't show any extreme situation, just beautiful landings and take-offs in Brazil, from an Airbus A320 cockpit. Still, it may cause some vertigo.

Personally, it just makes me want to fly.

It is quite simple: just a wide-angle camera set-up by the pilots on different point within their cabin. The result is quite beautiful. It just needs more Pink Floyd.

Some planes — like some Iberia's transatlantic flights — use tail cams to show passengers how things look from outside. I wish they also included cameras elsewhere, like the cockpit and under their belly. Bonus points: add an augmented reality game that turns the Airbus into a B-17 Flying Fortress and let the passengers fire virtual machine guns against Luftwaffe fighters. [ExtracrewGracias Jorge!]