Why Wait For Windows 8 Tablets When You Can Make a Windows 7 One Work Just Like It?

By Sam Gibbs on at

That’s what Evolve III thought, and with the help of Microsoft, it’s done just that – turned Windows 7 into Windows 8 on a 10-inch tablet.

According to News.com.au, Evolve III has done a pretty convincing job of making Windows 7 into a touchable, swipeable interface that looks and acts just like Windows 8.

The latest iteration of its Windows 7 tablet, version 15 no less, will be rolling out before the end June. It’ll sport 2GB of RAM; a 32 or 64GB SSD; a 1080p 10-inch screen, as well as Wi-Fi and 3G. There’s the option of a bespoke stylus for pen work, plus “almost every port available” including USB and HDMI. Other details are scarce, but if the Australian Evolve III’s previous Windows 7 tablets are to go by (pictured above), it shouldn’t be monstrously expensive, and is said to be somewhere in the £400 to £600 range.

Evolve III's director and CTO Warrick Dainter said:

"It's our 15th version. We're confident we've ironed out every single bug”

After 15 stabs at it, I should hope so. [News.com.au -- Thanks, Alfred!]