Messages Beta Lets Slip More Retina Mac Evidence

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems Apple’s pretty much destined to make Retina Display Macs at this point. There have been quite a few hints from apps and pre-release software depicting a “HiDPI” mode within OS X. Now the eagle-eyed MacRumors have found yet more evidence within Apple’s just released beta of Messages.

The app has “2x” markers for multi-part TIFFs that include both normal and double resolution versions, meaning that Messages is Retina ready. It suggests that Apple might pump out HiDPI resolution Macs with the release of Mountain Lion. Previous rumours have pegged high resolution MacBook Pros for release towards the end of 2012, while Apple has said that Mountain Lion will be available in “late summer” this year.

I know everyone’s been banging on about a Retina Display-equipped iPad 3, but I would love to see a Retina Display Mac too. Having fallen in love the crisp text and graphics of the iPhone 4 on release, I’ve been craving that pin-sharp display for everything else I use ever since. Something tells Retina Display Macs are going to cost a bomb though – time to start saving my pennies. [MacRumors]