M&S Builds "Lifestyle" App for Samsung Smart TVs

By Gary Cutlack on at

That image up there is the aspirational lifestyle of the average Marks & Spencer shopper, as presented through the shopping chain's new app for Samsung Smart TVs.

The M&S Smart TV app doesn't offer any sort of shopping facilities as you may reasonably expect from an app developed by a shop. Instead, you get dreamy, fantasy images of fashion, rich people, recipes, beauty tips and "advice on selecting the perfect wine" in an experience that's more about the M&S brand than... actually serving a purpose.

It's about as pointless as an app can be. But if you've nothing better to do and like the idea of seeing some posh people mincing about in their lambswool cardigans, the M&S TV app is freely available through Samsung’s Smart TV App store today. [BBTVN]