New Zero Gravity Roller Coaster Will Be the Closest Thing You Get to Going Into Space

By Sam Gibbs on at

Most of us mere mortals won’t make it into space. Some just don’t want to; most just don’t have the cash. A new £30m roller coaster concept aims to give you an eight-second taste of space by simulating the feeling of zero gravity just like the infamous vomit comet.

The ride will catapult up to 16 people at a time at around 100mph up into the air. Once high enough the ride will carefully control its decent speed giving you the experience of floating, weightlessly for just eight golden seconds.

You better make sure anyone riding with you has a strong stomach; they don’t call it the vomit comet for nothing. Thankfully it’s got drains to suck down the inevitable chunder, so hopefully it shouldn’t smell too bad in there. Good job we Brits seemingly like queuing as I can see the ride taking quite a while to unload and wash-down for each new batch of victims.

Come on Thorpe Park; the Swarm might be great, but this would be totally awesome. Do it for Britain -- finally make me want to visit a theme park again. [PopSci via Dvice]