One Third of UK Post Codes Have Below Average Broadband Speed

By Gary Cutlack on at

A third of all UK homes are failing to get broadband speeds that reach the national average, according to data that compiles the results of around 1.7m speed tests conducted by frustrated men.

While over half of the country gets above the national average connection speed of 6.7Mbps, there are some terribly slow crunch spots. Winchelsea, in East Sussex, manages a woeful average broadband speed of 1.1mps, while the data also shows terrible connections in many other seemingly urban areas.

Those who live in the city of Hereford are staring at speed tests showing they receive an average connection of 3.1Mbps, for example.

Of course, there are still many rural places where people are struggling with dial-up or laggy satellite connections and don't have a broadband connection at all, so bear that in mind before furiously petitioning your MP for a fibre link. [BBC]

Image credit: Broadband from Shutterstock