We got its name earlier today, the Eluga, but now we’ve got all its sordid details and those hoping for a spot of Ice Cream Sandwich will be sorely disappointed.

We already knew that it was a good looking chap, but we didn’t know it was only 7.8mm thin, and is apparently shaped like a D not to “ruin the line of clothes”, whatever. It’s actually, genuinely waterproof and will survive for up to 30 minutes in one-metre of water without issue. Panasonic's gifted it with NFC as we knew before, an eight-megapixel shooter, and 8GB of storage. The Eluga has a dual-core 1GHz OMAP processor backed up by 1GB of RAM at its core, and has Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; GPS, and microUSB for connectivity.

The screen is a qHD 960×540 OLED, which apparently takes up some 66 per cent of the phone -- one of the largest screen-to-phone ratios available according to Panasonic. Unfortunately, the Eluga’s not running Ice Cream Sandwich from launch though – only Gingerbread, but an update is promised for “Spring 2012”.

Although the Eluga looks good in renders, it’s saddled with a relatively weak processor; a pokey 1,150mAh battery; only 8GB of storage, and no ICS on launch – it better be cheap if Panasonic wants to ship lots of these out the door, which is a shame. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what this thing is like in the flesh before we set our lusting eyes on something else. [Panasonic]