Photoshop CS6 Can Magically Move Around Any Object In Your Photos

By Jesus Diaz on at

When Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes demonstrated the new content-aware features of CS6 to me, my mouth opened like an imbecile out of complete disbelief. You can basically move objects around your image, freely and effortlessly. It's black magic.

Here's a video of what I saw. First you see the new clone-stamp like content-aware fill, which basically allows you to define a part of the image as a source to easily erase something from an image. This is impressive enough and a timesaver, but what is even more zomg-what-the-hell-did-just-happen impressive is using the same technology to move any object around the image.

Jump to minute 1:00 and see how it works. While this could have taken hours of hard work in the current version of Photoshop, the new version just makes it a matter of seconds. Literally.