Sony's New CEO Knows What's Best For You

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Yesterday Sony announced that Kazuo Hira, the man behind PlayStation, was to become its new CEO. It seems that he's got some strong opinions on the future of the company, and the future of your consumer electronics, too.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Hira said: "We can't just continue to be a great purveyor of hardware products, even though some people expect us to do that." Instead, he plans to make Sony a more serious organisation. "We really need to buckle down and be realistic. I don't think everybody is on board, but I think people are coming around to the idea that if we don't turn this around, we could be sitting in some serious trouble."

When it comes to new products, he plans to cut down the bloated range Sony currently offers. "We're going to tell [each of our business sectors] what [they] are going to make — not the other way around...this is a complete sea change." [Wall Street Journal]