US Neo-Nazis Are Big Fans of Nick Griffin

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new attack by the Anonymous crusaders has targeted neo-Nazi groups in the US, leaking their private emails online. It turns out one of the racist groups is in love with our wonky-faced racist leader Nick Griffin.

One particular email from "WhiteNewsNow" referred to Nick Griffin as "probably the most effective white activist in the world today" -- a claim that's quite reassuring given how utterly hopeless and unpopular Griffin actually is, even among his own people.

Other emails reveal more love for Griffin, with excited American racists keen to see the BNP leader apparently "clobbering" the opposition at 2009's Copenhagen climate conference.

Regarding the motives for its latest attack and outing, a spokes-mask for Anonymous said: "We call upon not only other anti-fascists but all those opposed to white supremacy to utilise this information and make hell for these white nationalist scumbags." [Guardian]