Yet Another Olympics Thing You're Going to Have to Pay For

By Sam Gibbs on at

Another day, another money-grubbing idea out of Locog. This time it seems we’re not even going to be able to enter the Olympic Park without paying, just like Wimbledon – frankly it seems you’re better off staying at home and not forking out for something you can see for free on the box in your front room.

The plan is part of an outdoor viewing experience Locog is setting up within the Park, putting the events up on seven large screens around the area. Unlike Wimbledon though, you won’t be allowed into the arenas to watch non-ticketed events, because there aren’t any – you have to cough up for everything.

What’s more, you’re also going to have to pay to watch sections of events that play out in the public streets. For example, Locog’s going to sell tickets to the road race that’s going to pile through Box Hill in Surrey; somewhere that on any other day you’d be able to walk freely through.

Considering the public purse is already getting hammered by the Olympics, and Londoners' working lives are set to be disrupted into mind-boggling chaos, the least Locog could do is let us wonder round the place for free. Pricing hasn’t yet been set for Olympic Park tickets, but why should we pay to go to the Olympic Park just to watch something you’ll be able to watch in the comfort of your own home? And all without smelly randomers and people trying to peddle you stuff? [BBC]