ZTE Goes High-End with 4.5" Android 4.0 Goliath

By Gary Cutlack on at

ZTE has just confirmed plans to launch yet another different type of mobile telephone, in the large, slab like shape of its ZTE PF112 model.

It'll arrive with a 4.5" screen running at an HD resolution of 1280x720, with ZTE including dual cameras (8megapixel and 720p chat cam) plus HDR Exposure Bracketing for creating extra-vivid images.

What's tempting about the PF112 is that it'll be powered by the MSM8260A processor, otherwise known as the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. While techinically "only" a dual-core model, the S4's very new and cutting-edge, producing immense amounts of power, so much so that HTC stuck the thing in its new HTC One S.

Good to see ZTE producing something with genuine oomph for once, instead of aiming low. Although, like HTC in the early days, it might benefit from releasing fewer, better models, rather than constantly announcing new iterations ever couple of weeks. [ZTE]