£5695 Gets You a Fujifilm X-Pro1... Case (and Camera)

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're rich enough to do your gadget shopping at Harrods rather than picking up half-broken things from eBay and trying to fix them yourself with masking tape and elastic bands, you may have the budget to buy Globe-Trotter's fancy case (oh, and it comes with Fujifilm's X-Pro1 camera, too).

The case is handmade by luxury luggage specialist Globe-Trotter, which is using "Vulcanised Fireboard" to make the special boxes for the fancy camera. The fibre is made by bonding together 14 layers of paper, held together by brass rivets and covered in a tan leather skin. The type of animal used to provide the leather is not mentioned, but for five and a half grand we'd be upset if it's made from anything other than a female panda's inner thigh.

Only 12 of them are being made and sold exclusively through Harrods' new Technology Department, hence the price. You'd think Fujifilm would be aware of how economies of scale work. Try making 500,000 of them next time and knocking them out for £2.99. You'd definitely sell more. [Fujifilm]