A Bunch of Great, Cheap Flight Sims Are Your "I'll Be a Real Pilot Some Day" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

You know, gaming doesn’t have to be about brightly-coloured cartoon characters tumbling around your screen to the accompaniment of some intensely annoying musical tunes. Nor should it just be about running around committing pretend murders.

Sometimes the gaming experience can be a far more sedate and pleasurable affair. We speak of course of the erstwhile flight simulator, a long-standing classic genre since the days of the very first computers. Did you know that Sarah Palin likes to relax with twelve-hour flight simulator sessions? You probably didn’t, because we just made it up. Anyhoo, helpful HotUKDeals member A.Fudge has put together a comprehensive list of the best (and crucially the cheapest) aeroplane sims that are out there. Soon, YOU’LL be able to get rid of the voices in your head by pretending to plough a passenger jet into an icy sea.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Nilfisk pressure washer – just £49.99 delivered.
- 10ft x 30ft part tent marquee – only £79.99 delivered.
- 2TB USB 3.0 desktop drive – only £84.99.
- Civilization V GOTY – yours for £7.49.
- Pre-owned Nintendo Wii console – available online for £39.99.
- Trainspotting Collectors Edition (Blu-ray) – just £5.77.
- Camera Zoom FX for Android – only 20p.
- 32GB USB stick – yours for £13.27.
- Glasgow to Barbados flights – only £273.98.
- Manchester to Maldives flights - only £253.98.

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