Horrible, Joyless Patent Trolls Are Suing Samsung and RIM Over Emoticons (o_O)

By Adrian Covert on at

I bet when you're texting with friends you like to drop a :-) or maybe a ;-). If you're really up on your game, it's possible you toss in a (^_^). And because RIM and Samsung decided to include a quick-access key for these wonderful digital creations on their smartphones, some soulless patent trolls got all >:-O about it, and are taking the companies to court.

According to Paid Content, Varia Holdings—the trolls in question—say that BlackBerry handsets, along with the Galaxy Nexus, all infringe on their patent which "results in the display of a list of emoticons for selection by the user."


What next? Trolling for including a display of punctuation marks? Oh God, does Apple's emoji key fall under the domain of this patent? PLEASE TELL ME NO. DON'T TAKE MY EMOJI AWAY FROM ME. :'( [Paid Content]