HTC Abandons Half-Broken HTC Sense Web Site

By Gary Cutlack on at

The HTC Sense web site has never really worked as advertised, with most users failing to sign in, not being able to use many of the promised features and generally getting frustrated with HTC's supposed phone management and tracking tool. Now HTC's given up on it as well.

The animated flipclock is ticking down to a closure date of April 30th, after which time all current user account details will be binned from the HTC Sense site. If you'd like to keep your stuff, HTC has put together a downloading tool that will stick all your contacts, messages, anything you've added to its Footprints app and the rest into a big zip file. Which you can then keep in a folder on your computer, wondering what point it serves.

HTC then suggests you let Google take care of your phone fiddling requirements, saying: "If you would like phone location or backup services for your device, please visit Google Play (formerly Android Market) and download an application that best meets your needs." [HTC via Techradar]