Is the Olympic Torch Illuminating Your Street?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The complete route the silly little bit of fire will take around the country has been set out by the 2012 Olympic organisers, along with the names of nearly 8,000 special people who will get a go at carrying the Olympic Torch.

The interactive map now shows each individual street the torch and its ludicrous media convoy shall be heading down, if you'd like to work out where you're going to stand in advance, and covers the flame's entire trip from Land's End to London, via the Shetland Islands, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The flame itself will arrive in the UK on May 18th, if you believe such PR nonsense about a piece of fire that apparently never goes out and is allowed to travel on aeroplanes, then begins its 70-day tour on May 19th in Land's End. Organisers say it should pass within 10 miles of 95 per cent of the population.

The only person not going anywhere near it this time is Konnie Huq. [Olympic Flame Route]