Is the Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to the UK as Soon as March 30th?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well what do we have here then? Has Phones 4u just leaked that Samsung’s going to release the Galaxy S III in London on the 30th of March? These shots were taken of the Phones 4u store on London’s Oxford Street, but apart from that we don’t have much information. We know Samsung’s going to announce its new flagship within the next couple of months, but previous rumours pointed at April and May, not March.

Of course it could be anything Samsung. The new Tab? A new budget phone? As Eurodroid points out, Phones 4u had the Galaxy Nexus exclusively in the UK when it was first released, so it's possible Samsung's done another deal with the high street retailer here too. We’ll update as and when we know more, but we could see something as soon as next Friday. Let’s hope that something is a Samsung Galaxy S III. What do you reckon? Are we getting our hopes up over nothing? [Eurodroid]