New Controller Apps Bring the Party to Your Sonos From Your PC or Mac

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you’re lucky enough to have one of those awesome Sonos systems in your home, you’ll soon have a new way to control it. Two new Sonos Controller app updates are on the way for the PC and Mac, which should make it even easier to find, control and play music across your home for the ultimate party.

They’re both packing improved search that lets you find music either from your library, from internet radio, or other music services like Spotify, all from one box. There’s also instant volume control for when you simply must turn-it-up-loud, plus a one-touch party mode for blasting the tunes out everywhere.

If you’re anchored to your computer while listening, you’ll probably like the new album art mini-player too. If like me you’re not a Sonos owner already, be sure to enter its competition for a house-full of Sonos gear. Now, how about that lottery win, I could do with some of these bad-boys too. [Sonos]