Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 900, is apparently on its way to the UK for May, and while pre-orders are already live, there’s a bit of squabbling about how much it’ll cost.

According to Clove it’ll set you back £528 off network, which is a bit pricey if you ask me. However, Unlocked Mobiles, another online phone retailer, has the new Nokia up for £446, some £82 cheaper. Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that the Lumia 900 will land in May, not June as previously rumoured, with a pre-register page that's staying up this time.

At under £450 off-network, the Lumia 900 might be worth a punt. But if it’s up around the £500+ range, it’s in the ballpark of the likes of Apple, and I have a feeling the iPhone will win out on that one.

Still, most people buy their phones on-network from a carrier – let’s hope Nokia doesn’t price the Lumia 900 out of even their range like it did the Lumia 800, and shoot itself in the foot again.