Sony's Fat a57 SLT Eats 12 Frames a Second

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's follow-up to its a55 has been announced, with the a57 offering 12fps continuous capture coupled with Sony's SLT "Translucent Mirror Technology" and a 16.1-megapizel APS HD CMOS sensor.

Also onboard is a 15-point autofocus system, with an ISO range of between 100 and 16,000, plus Full HD 50p video recording and Sony's 2x Clear Image Zoom which apparently "doubles the effective magnification of your lens." It's another SLT model, which underlines Sony's previously revealed plan to replace SLR tech with SLT lenses throughout its higher end camera range.

Designed to tempt DSLR users, Sony's planning to bring some of the features from the costlier a65 to the mainstream camera buyer with the a57, which should be available in the UK from April. [Sony]