The Sunday Times "Pulls an ITV", Confusing a Video Game Character For an Actual Photo of a Soldier

By Sam Gibbs on at

Hopefully someone at the Sunday Times is just having a laugh -- either that or it's made a right old cock-up. In a story charting an ill-fated hostage rescue attempt in Nigeria, the newspaper used a picture of John “Soap” MacTavish, straight out of Call of Duty, instead of a photo of flesh-and-blood soldier, complete with an eye-obscuring black bar for, err, privacy reasons.

After ITV got caught trying to pass off in-game footage from ARMA 2 in an IRA documentary as actual armed assault footage, you’d have thought the entire British media would have learned a lesson, but it seems not. I really hope this was an ironic joke, and not someone mistaking a video game character for a photo of a real-life soldier. Gaming graphics are pretty good these days, but they’re not that good. [The Media Blog via TechRadar]