The Swedes Show Us Why You Shouldn't Go Mud Wrestling If You're Silicone-Enhanced

By Sam Gibbs on at

Trust the Swedes to take big and busty to the limit. As part of a Swedish channel’s jungle-based reality TV show, Djungelns Drottning (Queen of the Jungle), one of 10 "beautiful big city girls" suffered a breast implant explosion. Apparently the mud wrestling challenge was too much for the mammary-maximiser.

Just like our British reality-rubbish, the Swedish show sees contestants dumped in the middle of a jungle and made to do challenges that frankly have nothing to do with survival. The pursuit of ratings meant that watching 10 dolled-up girls mud wrestling was needed, when 24-year-old Lina Hellqvist suffered her unfortunate rough-and-tumble accident.

"It was totally insane. It just burst. It feels really bumpy and bubbly."

Ouch. Sounds a tad painful to me. Still, that was just the first of 10 episodes, which will apparently see girls attempting to light fires with hairspray, and get their hair straighteners going without electricity. Truly challenging stereotypes there then. [TheLocal via The Register]

Image credit: Chad050 from flickr