This Awesome Space Exploring App Makes Sci-Fi a Reality and Microsoft's Surface Finally Worthwhile

By Sam Gibbs on at

You know those amazing space navigation tabletop-systems you always see in sci-fi flicks? Microsoft’s made one, and it’s called NUIverse. Okay, it’s got a crappy name, but it allows you to navigate around the stars just like in the movies. You can go pinching, zooming, swiping and virtually flying through space, with up to 100,000 stars rendered in real-time, all with a head-up display to boot.

I’ve had my fair share of plays with Microsoft's Surface, but I’ve never found it truly compelling. This looks so awesome I want one for my amateur stargazing pleasure. You can even drop some fancy transparent tokens on the surface and it’ll give you more information about the star or astral anomaly underneath. It’s just a shame Surfaces are so damn expensive. One day, when I’ve won the lottery or something, this will be my coffee table. [Microsoft]