Virgin's Pumping Wi-Fi Down the Tube

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard that the Tube was going to get free Wi-Fi in stations before the Olympics, but now London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has announced that it’ll be Virgin who’s handling the initially-free service for Transport for London. It’ll be shoving in hotspot gear into 80 stations across the network to come online in July, with a further 40 to be Wi-Fi-enabled before the year is out.

Unfortunately there’s a catch – it’ll only be free until the summer of sport is out. After the honeymoon period it’ll become part of Virgin’s existing mobile and fixed broadband package, with PAYG and “other commercial models” in the works. What will remain free though is a TfL travel information site, which will be accessible over the Wi-Fi to anyone.

I reckon shoving Wi-Fi down into tube stations is a great idea, I just hope it’s not too pricey once the free, novelty period has worn off. I also wonder how fast it’ll be; I’d love to be able to placate myself with a bit of The Apprentice while I’m waiting for my forever delayed train.

Image credit: Tube from Shutterstock